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Comet Lovejoy in a Winter Sky via NASA http://t.co/A5AzwB0pHW http://t.co/9f5DUpGWak

— Roberto Arias (@bettocr) January 29, 2015

"You're in my mind all of the time, I know that's not enough... If the sky can crack there must be someway back, For love and only love!"

— Xin Flores (@Xinflores) January 29, 2015

RT @ArianaGrande: the sky was perfectly glooomy today

— maria☁️ (@babyzcash) January 29, 2015

Yo no entiendo porque me gusta tanto Sky Ferreira <3

— Alex Pérez (@AlexandrPz) January 28, 2015

Sky Ferreira - 24 Hours - Live at the Bootleg Theater Los Angeles - Apri...: http://t.co/7LMRj8PAwd

— Alex Pérez (@AlexandrPz) January 28, 2015

— (@) January 1, 1970

RT @guardian_sport: Sky to spare its reporters from fans’ humiliation on transfer deadline day http://t.co/9ScxhAL0YN http://t.co/li1BJCzYrR

— Fak (@F_A_K_) January 27, 2015

RT @izaynsboobies: He's staring up the sky, signalling to the other Gods he'll go back but furst he needs to kill some bitches. http://t.co…

— //Salma// (@wetliampayne) January 27, 2015

♫♪Now it's getting dark and the sky look sticky more like Black Treacle than tar♫♪

— #Fex (@FexCR) January 27, 2015

nash grier and sky http://t.co/MC7Gjum8Ax

— Mei. (@MZ_GAMES) January 27, 2015

Lo mejor para iniciar semana. Jason Upton - Between Earth and Sky http://t.co/6XPpCKyXy8 vía @YouTube

— Felix (@FarcRamirez) January 26, 2015

Quiero más piscina, mar, atardeceres en la playa, paseos en jet sky y así.... 😭😭😭

— Fabiola O. (@fabi_147) January 26, 2015

The chemtrail phenomenon is part of a theory that proposes that not all vapor lines in the sky are contrails.

— ArturoMerinoSiermann (@ARMERSI75) January 24, 2015

Kushite Ft. Musik G and Sky High - O' Freedom.wmv: http://t.co/P12hrh9vrV This was me and my group KUSHITE in 92' I'm the first one rapping

— Wayne Parcheman (@WayneParcheman) January 23, 2015

RT @skybrasil: Está chegando a hora. Assista ao show inteiro do Foo Fighters na SKY Live. #FFnoSKYLive http://t.co/ygtl8QDXXP

— Jorge Monge (@JorgeMonge_) January 23, 2015

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