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RT @ashtonsxlimits: Even when the sky is falling down...we just gotta vote! #vote5sos #kca

— VoteFor5SOSInTheKCA! (@EHJ_LoveBooks) March 28, 2015

RT @Bscotchnsoda: The stars keep carving holes through the fabric of the sky, twinkling in rhythm to our sated sighs

— Son of the Firmament (@rodsaturnine) March 28, 2015

Reclaiming the night sky with LED tech @sylvaniacr http://t.co/rkbq0PF4xC http://t.co/qMRLW702YH

— Costa Rica News (@CostaRicaStar) March 27, 2015

RT @GirlUp: The sky is the limit...or is it? Not for 13 yr old Alyssa who is training to go to space: http://t.co/W15xjiP5uQ http://t.co/Zy

— Liberación Nacional (@plncr) March 27, 2015

RT @SPACEdotcom: Glowing Cloud of Rocket Fuel Captured in Night Sky Photo http://t.co/jnR53GEorV http://t.co/nusPza04ZE

— German Moracerna (@Gemorace) March 27, 2015

— (@) January 1, 1970

Later magic #later #thisiscostarica #CostaRica #photographer #kawaii #photo #photography #skyhttps://t.co/yJ5YkxZ3l1

— Brenda jarquín (@Brenda_Jarquin) March 27, 2015

RT @Dorsal51: La nueva bicicleta para el pavés del Team Sky http://t.co/1DmeqKsL9f http://t.co/3mvwtcL04M

— Fanny Tayver Marín (@FannyT_LN) March 26, 2015

Sensual atardecer, inspiración... Sensual sunset, inspiration... #CostaRica #Sunset #sky https://t.co/wQA9P2ty1f

— SICR Javier Zaragoza (@SICRJavier) March 26, 2015

Me gustó un video de @YouTube http://t.co/4WzRZ5b0O8 Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Official video)

— Erick Sandi (@Profesandi) March 26, 2015

RT @hucklelouis: one direction without zayn is like only half a blue sky & half a man at best & half an arrow in my chest & walking around …

— louis AF (@xxxwithlouis) March 26, 2015

Discovering The Real Night Sky In Aoraki http://t.co/Xv1w5kARtl #wluk #ttot http://t.co/jlDDLyo0OI

— Ben & Charli Travel (@WanderlustersUK) March 26, 2015

RT @fizfizfiz: even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don't shine, I have faith in you ❤️

— zaynmalik1D (@zouisvansmate) March 26, 2015

Sick of waking up in darkness when the sky is always painted blue; there's a method to my madness it's clear that you don't have a clue...

— Juancha Zeledón (26) (@NellaZ) March 26, 2015

RT @theblaze: "God is with us": Oklahoma student finds unmistakable symbol dangling in sky after tornado: http://t.co/yyvj6I9v06 http://t.c…

— jose tomas batalla (@batallajose) March 26, 2015

El Sky de @Gabys14_ si es el más pichudo

— Ma•ro•to ® (@maroto43) March 26, 2015

RT @realfriendsband: My problems begin to fade when the night sky steals my wide eyes.

— Mari Carmen (@anchorxdown) March 26, 2015

Hard to leave the #beach when the sky is like this...🔥 #onfire #amazing #sunset #costarica #vacationhttps://t.co/oS41Lv5VUL

— Dominical WaveRider (@CostaRica_Trip) March 26, 2015

Me gustó un video de @YouTube http://t.co/LCrumV7wdK Dominik Sky - Calisthenics Tutorial Beginner to Advanced Part 3: CORE (ABS)

— ن JoseGabriel (@jg_rivera91) March 26, 2015

RT @5sauce1band: the sky was so pretty today I made #5soslyricart out of it <3 #5sosfanart #5soslyrics #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/uEs7a5IN

— VoteFor5SOSInTheKCA! (@EHJ_LoveBooks) March 26, 2015

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